Our premise is to assess the patient and detects the signs and symptoms

affecting the person as early as possible. Based on the content and extensive experience

the Medic will give great care every time, at the right time for the right reasons. With this

direction, the medic will avoid reputation damage to themselves and/or the company

they represent.


Our training will deliver timely interventions to the patient and help to secure and prevent any further damage.


The medic will protect the casualty and ensure the patient is stabilised and

promote the casualty’s recovery and survivability.


Overall, we will teach, develop, and maintain the Medic and their operational skills to the highest possible standards. These standards are supported and endorsed by The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.




A former UK Police National Instructor with portfolios for Firearms and the lead portfolio for Trauma medicine for National police training. An associate member of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, teaching and assisting the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care at Birmingham University medical school and Cardiff University medical school. A Citizens Aid ambassador and lectures at British local government departments on this subject. Invigilates on the Pre-Hospital Trauma Care course held twice a year, has numerous medical qualifications and is the only UK Police officer to have attended and passed the UK Special Forces re-accreditation patrol medics course. Remains one of only a handful of people to be sponsored by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh to study for a Diploma in Remote and Offshore Medicine. The passion and attention for teaching this area of knowledge is second to none and has received commendations at Chief officer level from UK Police and National Health Service (WMAS).


Previous management lead and Chief Firearms Instructor for UK Police with responsibility’s for NPIA and ACPO delivery of Operations/Command and Control training and development.
Maintains a currency in National UK and Global threat and risk assessments.
Continues to train and lecture at Command level in Policy and Leadership.
Continues with Medical professional development having attended Faculty led Pre Hospital trauma training. 26 years operational experience.
BA Hons in Humanities
Masters in Policy and Leadership
Former British Army Officer Sandhurst


Schooled in International military academy and joined Royal Navy with extensive operational experience as a medic in a variety of specialist roles. Currently UK NHS operational manager with National qualifications in Command/Jesip training and development. Continues with Quality assurance portfolio and maintains staff training and development. Currently studying in the NHS leadership Academy.
23 years operational experience.
BTH Hons / MC Para
Paramedic/ ASO
Cert Ed and PGCE



Hon Sec to chair Faculty of Pre Hospital Care 
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

07976 904534

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