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Hello, my name is Si Rogers.

I recently retired after a 30-year career with the UK Police Service. I was involved with Firearms operations and training up to, and including, Counterterrorism over the years and retired as a former Specialist Firearms Instructor with the medical lead portfolio for Pre-Hospital Trauma training.


Having left the Police, I decided to get myself together and find some purpose. I started to investigate the current FAW training programs and companies and realised that the D13 syllabus wasn’t very well known, despite the numerous reports and commendations for such brilliant work in saving lives. So, I decided to build my great company with some help from The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. With my extensive experience, I put together a Faculty that would deliver a credible, capable and potent training course in a really professional and personable manner. I wanted to cut away all the rubbish and ego and back up the training delivery with years of knowledge and experience.


Turret Training Ltd was formed.

I use the symbol of a turret to demonstrate the protection and safety the D13 Medical syllabus I know delivers. I have trained Pre-Hospital medicine to represent the Foreign Commonwealth Office, NCA and other specialist units. I have attended the UK Special Forces Patrol medics ReCred course at Hereford. Furthermore, I am a member of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care RCSEd and directly supported and endorsed by the Faculty.

Turret Training Ltd specialises in Enhanced First Aid at Work (FAW) courses based around the UK Police Firearms medical training syllabus. It is known as D13 Standard and D13 Enhanced. It sits above the current National FAW curriculum as recommended by the HSE.

This training syllabus covers the standard FAW program and levels up to serious trauma-based incidents including multiple casualty scenarios. It assists in reducing the risks your company and security personnel face and will help mitigate reputational damage. The D13 program has been in use for over 20 years, longer than any FREC or FPOS syllabus and has proven itself many times in some extremely challenging and hostile incidents. It is both lawfully and medically sound.

Turret Training philosophy about Pre Hospital Medicine revolves around simplicity. Simple things, done well, save lives. Turret Training will deliver a really credible and quality medical training program supported by a superb Faculty. Backed up by the eminent Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. I hope you enjoy the journey of enhancing your medical qualifications and I know you’ll enjoy the time with me and my team. We look forward to meeting you.


Stay safe.


FPHC -  RCSED - MBChB - DUMC - FIMC - Hon Sec Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care



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