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4 Weeks Worth of Courses

Some great work and milestones achieved these past 4 weeks. Concurrent courses running with QNUK FPOSi and D13 Clinical Skills courses with Lea Bluckand ian williams together with Refresher training , external assessments with David Sale / Docs from St Barts Hospital and some enhanced modules developing capability around MTAs and polytrauma casualties. Added to this, meetings to develop #CSR with PTSD charities and Saferbusiness network , completion of First Aid Audits and Compliance with Clinical Director Ian Inglesant , election to the Board of RCSEd NHCP on Feb 1st and supporting another great campaign with Womens Night safety charter for London. Building back better and now looking to enhance Security control room capability with Critical Incident and Command training. A strong start to the year and looking forward to the OSPAs later this month. Brilliant effort “Team Turret”.

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