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2022 Review

January 2022 started off with some great FPOSi courses delivered under the challenging restrictions of the Pandemic. Yet Turret Training delivered on every course with some outstanding results highlighted by company citations and Security awards for work in 2022.

Those awards demonstrated numerous medical interventions by Security Medics from generic first aid to serious head injuries to saving lives and managing serious seizures. Security Medics demonstrated a fantastic capability to help and support people visiting their iconic sites and they continue to build their Community Resilience within their areas of responsibility.

Turret Training Ltd continues to build with the company shortlisted for the recent Security and Fire Excellence awards in 2022 and has again been shortlisted for the Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2023.

Turret Training have put together an outstanding package that not only trains Security officers in Pre Hospital trauma and D13 Clinical Skills Specialist roles but seeks to enhance their capabilities with special interest workshops.

Our industry Sector medics respond to some very challenging traumatic incidents so Turret Training not only trains them but looks after them as well.

With Critical Incident debriefing consultations , together with a progressive Clinical Governance package , the company boast a very credible , capable and potent Faculty with a combined total of over 300 yrs of operational experience and training delivery from current Emergency Services and Military backgrounds.

2023 will see this company and it’s Faculty build back even better and scale operations and capability across the UK and Internationally. And continue to support the incredible work of Figen Murray OBE for Martyns Law.

Thank you for the continued support and for the exceptional work our Security Medics perform every day.

Good luck and stay safe in 23.

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