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First Aid Kits


A First aid kit should have a dual role single solution capability. Interlinked around scenario and attack specific analysis and linked to a current Strategic Threat and Risk Assessment (STRA). The layout and accessibility of the contents are critical.

The layout and contents of FAST Aid kits support administering First aid in “Generic” environments and managing polytraumatically injured casualties in suboptimal unsupported conditions known as a Therapeutic vacuum. Such incidents require fast decisions when assessing time critical injuries aside from managing the myriad of external threats. And are often gross motor in orientation with fine complex skills in completion. So time wasted on opening and searching for the right tool for the right injury is time lost on the casualty.

Bespoke First Aid and Specialist Trauma aid kits, supplied and built by Turret Training stack beyond PATKs . With considerable research , development and experience spanning over 2 decades for UK Police firearms operations and training , these FAST Aid kits are lawfully, medically and tactically proven.

If you’re interested in the provision of First Aid & Specialist Trauma kits and would like a chat about such provision please contact

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