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First Aid with Figen Murray

Today I had the privilege of training First Aid to some of the survivors and bereaved families of the Manchester Arena attack. It was a an extremely memorable day for all the right reasons. Thank you to Figen MurraySteroplast Healthcare Limited and for the incredible humility shown by the brave families from such a heinous attack.



Mass casualty events in the UK are thankfully rare but have a life changing and a far reaching impact. The tragic events from the USA ae a timely reminder as we lead into the Christmas period. The Uk threat level has increased and no doubt, Public Accessible Locations will be well attended by the general public. Providing medical training to enhance the capability of the bereaved families and survivors of the Manchester Arena attack was a privilege and inspiring. As was widely reported last week, First Aid should be part of the school curriculum and given greater precedence and more exposure. Thank you once again to the families and to Figen Murray for maintaining the momentum. Stay safe.

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