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Pre Hospital Trauma Courses

The start on January 2023 saw two cohorts of Security officers gathered from across the city, put through their paces with back to back Pre hospital trauma courses hosted at 20 Fenchurch Street London. The Security teams from Bidvest Noonan were exposed to some challenging contextualised learning with some superb feedback from external assessors and Doctors from St Barts London. A credit to your company and profession.

Well done!

Only recently these teams ,from certain sites, have been deployed saving a life from the River Thames , assisting a fallen casualty with a serious head injury whilst awaiting support from LAS and more recently a response to a Cardiac Arrest with ROSC . My team are very proud to be delivering this great training program , building safer places and supporting Community Resiliance.

SOPs = POS….. Standard Operational Procedures should equal your Probability of Survival…..Making a difference.


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